Ilsa is an artist from Washington. As an undergraduate student, she studied language and fine art. Through those years she served on the board of a nonprofit dedicated to supporting a small, refugee community where she began photographing the locals and piloting a series of art projects with the school. She spent several years exploring language education using it to inform her practice.  Over the past few years, she has had the pleasure of putting together shows in gallery spaces, selling work and creating commissioned pieces. Her passion for working with diverse groups of people and creating meaningful work has taken her to Oregon where she is currently pursuing a master's degree in Fine Art.

artist statement

I use a collection of diverse sources to inform the content of my work. I am looking for a rhythmic, often lyrical quality in my work through the use of primitive lines and shapes, repeated motifs and intuitive mark making.  Through the layering process I am able to create a feeling of unsettled chaos with hidden, subtle beauties. There are gentle, delicate moments that appear throughout the work, but they are paired with rough, assertive gestures. The work gives an initial impression of disquiet, but smaller elements begin to emerge that speak to order and intention, giving way to a feeling of dreamy contemplation. 

I study everyday moments that embody this dynamic. Images that capture a stillness and innocence co-mingling with tones of discord inspire much of my work such as an image of a child at rest surrounded by the bustling entropy of a flea market. These familiar objects give my drawings a skeleton, and then I layer in the clouds of color and the wandering lines which, to me, represent basic human emotions. When looking at my work, the eye is jerked through multiple points of focus. To me, this is a reflection of how we process experiences. 

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